Episode 388

Ask Noah Show 388


May 7th, 2024

59 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

This week Matthew Miller joins the program from Red Hat Summit and we learn about Fedora 40.

-- During The Show --

00:50 Red Hat Summit

  • In Colorado
  • Corporate vs Community events
  • Red Hat feels like the "big brother of open source"
  • Red Hat's dedication to open source

04:20 Charlie responds to Steve - Charlie

  • ReoLink Cameras Suggested by Charlie

12:20 Dealing with conflict of interest - Brandon

  • Client continuing to "milk you"
  • Clients will respect you more for setting boundaries
  • Steve's solution
    • Communicate in writing
    • Ask what the client wants
    • Write out what you remember
    • Don't do anything more
  • Noah's solution
    • Be a good listener
    • Documentation for past work ok
    • "how would you do...." not ok
    • Have a frank conversion
  • Don't be afraid to let a client walk

20:30 Proton mail discloses user data? - Charlie

  • Restore Privacy Article
  • Email is not secure
  • Proton has never exposed contents of email
  • There has been some misreporting
  • Meta data is not encrypted
  • Proton is not a shroud for illegal activity
  • All companies are required to follow laws
  • Does shutting down "server their customers"?
  • Technology has limitations
  • Operational security
  • Proton mail contested a lot of requests

29:40 Matthew Miller Interview

  • Matthew Miller - Fedora Project lead
  • Fedora 40
  • CentOS Stream forks from Fedora every 3 years
  • XZ Utils Vulnerability
  • Requiring "Gov ID" can be detrimental
  • Open Source allowed for attribution
  • Is Fedora a target?
  • Mailing lists to Discourse
  • Email is becoming a "captured system"
  • Impact of having discussions "searchable"
  • Feedback needs to be constructive
  • Mediation
  • Get involved with Fedora!
    • AI and ML
    • Boot-able containers
    • Documentation
    • Design Team
    • Moderation/Communication
    • Event organizing
    • Contributor focused conference
    • Brings contributors together
    • In person connections are important
    • Nest with Fedora
  • What skills does a person need?
    • Sales
    • Coordination/Project Management
    • Room for all levels of skills
    • Good place to learn skills
  • What does open source mean to you
    • Friends Features Freedoms First
    • Important for people to "own their OS"

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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