Episode 379

Ask Noah Show 379 | Work Life Balance


March 5th, 2024

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

How do you balance the stress of tech with the benefits? Noah and Steve dig through the delicate issue of work life balance.

-- During The Show --

01:00 Migrations Complete!

  • $22/month on EMS to $50/month Self Hosted

02:30 Ajit Praise - Cory

  • Their are cultural differences between Japan and the US
  • Most of us want "maximum absence of coercion"
  • People have different views of "justice"
  • Internet going from luxury to necessity in a generation
  • Still learning the effect of internet and technology
  • Book recommendation The Master Switch
  • Moral compasses
  • Things are moving fast in multiple directions

12:40 Django vs PHP - Joe

15:40 Naelr from Mumble

  • Suggestion: iRedMail
  • Suggestion: MailCow
  • Mail in a Box
  • Noah has not decided to self host email
  • Going on 3 months of Microsoft unable to send email to Yahoo

23:20 Smart Vacuums - Charlie

  • Tech should be there from me
  • Some smart vacuums can be locally controlled via MQTT
  • Home Assistant integration
  • Some smart vacuums can be "flashed"
  • NY Times
  • Digital Trends

28:00 News Wire

29:25 Balance of Technology

  • Shut off all devices for 1 Day
  • Noah has staff
  • You have to have a passion for IT to work in IT
  • Example of a day off win
  • Work Life Balance
  • Steve's experience
  • Turning off the device and walking away can be the best choice
  • It can be challenging
  • Turn the box off
  • Responsibility/Stimulus
  • Noah's experience and reaction
  • Finding a win
  • Cancel Culture
  • Face to Face vs Online communication
  • Book Recommendation Irresistible

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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