Episode 376

Ask Noah Show 376


February 13th, 2024

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

How do you setup an IP camera doorbell to call your phone? Can Windows decrypt gpg files and should you store those on a network share? It's a packed episode with your questions and our answers!

-- During The Show --

01:50 Noah's Cloud Experience

  • Paramount attaches to google account
  • Google locks out account
  • Experience was terrible even when it was working
  • Artificial barriers encourage piracy
  • Google continues to charge card after closing account

07:20 Nextcloud Issues - David

  • Apple shuts down 3rd party sync
  • iPhone automation to fire the Nextcloud app
  • Add CardDav/CalDav account
  • Contact sync guide
  • Check "pathing"
  • Report the issue to container maintainer
  • What the Nextcloud all in one container does
    • Pulls down other containers
    • "black box"

15:54 Encrypted files help - Joshua

  • Master source of truth
  • Attackers target samaba shares
  • PGPtool
  • ZFS encrypted volume and manually load/unload key
  • Encrypted containers
  • Purpose of encryption
  • Write back in with use case!

24:52 Linux Consulting? - Jeremy

  • Make sure your employer is cool with it
  • Networking
  • Look in the community
  • Job boards

31:54 Home Assistant & Door Bells - Eddie

  • Riolink python library
  • Use Home Assistant automation
  • Noah's setup
    • Generic SIP = phone portion
    • Generic RTMP = Camera portion
    • Generic GPIO = Control

38:51 Niche Distros

  • Can be special snowflakes
  • Nobara
    • Based on Fedora
    • Made by glorious eggroll folks
  • GoboLinux
  • Why not just use "configure package" on base distro?
  • Appliance distros have their place
  • ElementaryOS
  • Endless OS

50:38 EMS Migration

  • EMS responsive, great docs
  • No insight
  • EMS left instances running past shut down date
  • Don't run two servers at once

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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