Episode 371

Ask Noah Show 371


January 9th, 2024

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

This week Daniel Schaefer joins Ask Noah and we talk about the design of the Framework laptop and upcoming 16" version of the laptop. We answer your questions, and tell you about a newbie friendly terminal emulator!

-- During The Show --

01:45 Sharing Passwords - Anthony

  • Send data/info via multiple channels
  • Nextcloud
  • Passphrases

07:40 Axis Camera Feedback - Dominik

  • AXIS M3075-V
  • Motion Detection on camera
  • No need for proprietary software

11:16 Pi Hole Problems - Anthony

  • Blocked or not, same amount of traffic
  • Windows on separate/guest network
  • Try a debloat script

15:00 controld for dns - Mohammad

  • [Controld](controld.com)
  • Steps
    • Get subscription from controld.com
    • In controld.com, define a device with your desired settings, and then add DoH providers to the block list
    • Set up dnsdist as DNS forwarder
    • Configure DHCP to point devices to dnsdist
    • Configure NAT on the Mikrotik to redirect all UDP/TCP DNS requests to dnsdist
    • Configure the firewall to block the known DoH IPs

19:54 Zwave Power up - Tiny

  • Normally shows up quickly
  • Interrogation takes time
  • Pair close to the controller
  • Battery devices may go to sleep
  • Network remaps/self heals every ~ 1.5 days

22:40 Video over WiFi

  • Don't do video over WiFi
  • STI
  • NDI
  • Bandwidth
    • 1.5 Mbps min
    • 3 Mbps for SD
    • 5 Mbps for 1080p
    • 25 Mbps for 4K

26:00 Station Broadcast System

  • Streaming box
    • Ubuntu
    • OBS
    • Quad STI Card
    • Quad USB Bus
  • Streams to Owncast
  • Embedded Matrix chat
  • Repeat-ability
  • Making it an appliance
  • Move assets on to a web end point
  • Linux Admin way
  • Ansible pull and systemd timers
  • Custom flatpak
  • Bitfocus stream deck

39:30 OBS Pull Request

  • Github pull request
  • lots of back and forth
  • Should have been closed due to OBS COC
  • Is OBS playing gatekeeper?
  • OBS is not blocking Kick
  • Write or call in!

44:00 News Wire

45:15 Framework Laptop Interview

  • Daniel Schaefer
  • How did the Framework come about?
  • How did you get involved?
  • Laptop dis-assembly
  • Hardware kill switches
  • 14" vs 16"
  • What work is left on the 16"?
  • USB-C Expansion protocol
  • 3rd party products
  • Published expansion card spec

51:48 Gen-Z Terminal Emulator

  • Waveterm
  • Start with basics, work your way up
  • Installer is a zip file

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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