Episode 369

Ask Noah Show 369


December 26th, 2023

53 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

This week we dig into feedback from someone looking at a new IT job, Steve gives an update on trying to maintain a presence on a platform that doesn't want him.

-- During The Show --

00:55 Bad Hardware Day

  • Motherboard swap
  • PSU modular cables
  • Fan controller magic smoke
  • Bent CPU pins

06:48 VMs and Storage - Joe

  • Advantages of separating OS and Data
  • Joe's GitHub
  • IX Systems and 45 Drives
  • Use JBOD not Raid
  • ZFS needs direct access
  • HA (High Availability)

15:40 VM Storage Question - Rod

  • iSCSI
  • ZVols as block devices
  • QCow2 file
  • Dedicated disks
  • 9p driver
  • virtio drivers
  • Nothing wrong with NFS
  • ifnotify

22:53 Printer Questions - Eddie

  • Good experience with HP Printer Tools/Jet Direct
  • Mostly moved away from LPD/LPR
  • IPP is where things are headed
  • Immutable distros only support IPP
  • For best results go through add printer dialog

28:15 Comments From New IT Person - Joshua

  • Start with pain points
  • Start with your pain points
  • Document existing infrastructure
  • Find a way to say yes
  • Prepare for the opportunity
  • "You are the expert"
  • Yes but....
  • What is motivating people

41:22 Choosing Platforms

  • Locked out from Linkedin
  • Emailed code, Linkedin errored out
  • Required phone and government ID
  • Issues with this approach
  • Phone numbers
  • Beeper + Linkedin

49:13 Beeper Gives up on iMessage

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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