Episode 367

Ask Noah Show 367


December 12th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

This week Noah and Steve discuss picking out a vHost and considerations for deploying it into production.

-- During The Show --


  • Types of AI
  • Amount of compute required is astronomical
  • Foundational model vs tweaking

05:55 Kid Friendly distro? - Chris

  • Endless OS
  • What age to give kids a computer
  • Why give a kid a computer
  • Why Endless OS
  • OpenDNS Filtering

14:13 Serial Connection To Proxmox VMs - Michael

  • Client Setting
  • Host Setting
  • Enable the serial console
  • Proxmox Wiki

17:15 pfSense blocking active connections - Bradly

  • Stateful firewalls don't break active connections/sessions

21:00 News Wire

24:00 Beeper Mini

  • First impression, really cool but will only work till Apple notices
  • Android users clearly want modern features
  • 3 days after release, it all came to a halt
  • Apple's FUD statement
  • Beeper mini enabled security for non Apple users
  • Apple's response reduces security and privacy
  • Apple's response protects the iMessage lock-in effect
  • Issue with other "encrypted apps"
  • Focus of Beeper
  • Beeper cloud uses its own cloud server
  • Give beeper mini a review
  • Beeper blog post

37:45 vHost Hardware

  • What is a vHost
  • What does Steve consider
    • network
    • drives
    • RAM
    • CPU
  • Lots of compute nodes vs a few large nodes
  • Stage 1 - is it viable
    • $1k-50k quotes
    • Started with 2 vdevs with 3 drives
  • Stay under 85%
  • Stage 2 Scale up
    • 2x AMD EPYC 7451
    • H330 3 PCI RISER RPS
  • DELL PowerEdge R6525
    • 1U Server
    • 2 x AMD EPYC 7542 2.9Ghz CPU
    • 256 GB No HDD
  • Can save a lot buying used
  • Local vs Central storage
  • Data centralized
  • qcow2 on vHost
    • 2 vdevs
    • 2 disks per vdev
  • Dell EMC KTN-STL3 drive shelf
    • 15 disks in 2U
    • Requires LSI SAS9200-8e
  • NetApp DS4246
    • 24 disks in 4U
    • Requires LSI SAS9200-8e
    • QSFP SFF-8436 Mini SAS SFF-8088 Cable
  • Don't store Nextcloud data on OS qcow2 disk
  • There will always be a single point of failure
  • Change ZFS settings based on data being stored
  • Easiest way to get a vHost up and running
  • KVM vs "appliance OS"
  • Bridging vs MAC vTap
  • RAM is likely your biggest constraint
  • Ubuntu libvirt doc

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