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Ask Noah Show 365 | Data Migration Success!


November 28th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 50 secs

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This week Steve goes through his data migration story at his house. What things should you consider before moving large datasets around, and what things need to be taken into account for a solid backup plan?

-- During The Show --

01:52 Home Automation Leak Detection - Jeremy

  • You can't really
  • Using cameras

08:06 mmWave sensor update/comparison

11:19 Point of sale gear? - Charlie

13:28 Succession Planning - David

  • Password dump
  • Bitwarden
  • Network diagram with pictures
  • Good documentation
  • Techy friends
  • Dave Ramsey - Legacy box
  • Legacy Folder
  • Data, external drives

23:23 Odoo for Accounting and Bookkeeping - Tiny

  • Looks like a solid platform
  • Expensive
  • Self hosting not really an option
  • Accounting solid but very basic
    • no payroll
  • Not fully open source

25:51 Backups? - Mike

37:57 News Wire

41:11 Nativefier

45:44 Data Migration

  • Good to rotate drives
  • Disk burn in (bunch of rsync)
  • Rsync 26 hours
  • rsync will preserve hard links with the right flags
  • software raid is more portable
  • nuke & pave
  • 2 vdevs, 3 drives per vdev
    • can only loose one drive
  • ZFS send/receive is much faster and better
  • IDrive
  • Kopia
  • Spider Oak One
  • Plan for your target
  • rsync commands
a: Archive mode, which preserves permissions, ownership, and timestamps.
v: Verbose mode, which prints out detailed information about the transfer.
H: Preserve hard links.
P: Preserve permissions.
  • Dumping a database is intensive
  • Proxmox

    • gets in the way
    • doesn't gain Steve anything
    • Special snowflake
    • Custom UI
    • Good for multi node
    • No updates
  • KVM works the same everywhere

  • Cockpit

    • GUI
    • Will eventually replace virtmanager

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