Episode 356

Ask Noah Show 356


September 27th, 2023

57 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

This week Noah and Steve dig into motion detectors for Home Assistant, some exciting new features for Matrix 2.0 that have landed, and of course your questions!

-- During The Show --

Enjoying Tech

  • Personal bleeding over to professional
  • Communication Skills

04:36 Cloning SSDs - Kris

  • Why did snapshots not work?
  • Immutable OS
  • Automate environment rebuild
  • Ansible
  • Snowflakes
  • Work out of VMs
  • Clonezilla

16:19 Can you save Ring locally? - HJ

21:00 Plug for Gathering - Steve

22:40 Penguin Prince

  • Open Source "V Tubing" software
  • Vpuppr

26:42 Old Sticky Tablet - Twobit

  • 70% or higher Isopropol Aclchol

28:40 News Wire

31:36 Radar vs Photon Detection

  • Home Assistant first
  • Three Classes of devices
    • Science Project
    • Higher end, designed for Home Assistant
    • Kinda cloudy, able to to work Home Assistant
  • Inovelli Red
  • Temperature change vs microwaves
  • PIR vs Microwave Sensors
  • Aqara Presence Sensor
    • Mapping the room
    • Tracking multiple occupants
    • 20 lbs dog vs 200 lbs human
    • Ghost mode
    • Requires app to setup
  • Cost
  • Placement
  • Sonoff PIR
  • Powering sensors

45:48 Element 2.0

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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