Episode 354

Ask Noah Show 354


September 12th, 2023

53 mins 51 secs

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Google makes the news this week in one of the largest cases in history over meaningful competition. Do we need the regulation to stop Google? Ubuntu will start allowing you to use a TPM chip for encryption, plus your livestreaming, ZFS, and VPN questions are answered!

-- During The Show --

02:00 Matrix Server

  • Digital Ocean was too expensive
  • Registrations closed
  • Registrations to reopen soon
  • Geek Lab.ninja
  • Live Stream/Chat

04:22 Live Streaming Baseball? - Matt

  • Bring everything
    • Laptop
    • Camera
    • Internet Access
  • Ubiquity Nano Beam
    • Extremely line of sight
  • Scale Engine
  • VDO.ninja
  • OwnCast
  • Laptop+C920
  • STI
  • Run away from Logitech Mevo

15:15 ZFS Questions - Tim

  • Noah's mini server
  • ZFS is easy on Ubuntu
  • Setup ZFS on some old drives
  • Put your data on something you understand
  • Setup ZFS on virtual machines
  • Don't use virtual drives with ZFS in production
  • Steve's laptop abuse
  • Noah's laptop VMs

  • Install ZFS on Ubuntu

sudo apt install zfsutils-linux
  • To discover an existing ZFS pool
sudo zpool import
  • Import an Existing Pool By Name
sudo zpool import POOLNAME
  • Load The Key for An Encrypted Pool
sudo zfs load-key -r POOLNAME
  • Mount all available Pools
sudo zfs mount -a
  • Unmount an Encrypted ZFS Dataset
sudo zfs unmount pool/dataset
  • Unload ZFS Key from Encryption
sudo zfs unload-key -r pool/dataset
  • To unmount the ZFS pool
sudo zfs unmount -a
  • To create a striped pool
sudo zpool create pool-name /dev/sdb /dev/sdc
  • To create a mirrored pool
sudo zpool create -m /mnt/zfs/pool pool-name mirror /dev/sdb /dev/sdc
  • Create an Encrypted ZFS Dataset
sudo zfs create -o encryption=on -o keylocation=prompt -o keyformat=passphrase pool/dataset
  • Load ZFS Encryption Key
sudo zfs load-key -r pool/dataset
  • Destroy a Pool (Be Careful!)
sudo zfs destroy -r system/pool

sudo zpool destroy pool-name

29:05 Wireguard Distinguishing Connections? - Khayalethu

  • Networking principles don't allow for this
  • Gateway of last resort (router)
  • Steve's PiHole usage

35:35 Bot Question Sleuth

  • Passing folders into ProxMox VMs
  • 9P protocol/driver
  • NFS will use more network traffic
  • Data profiles

39:44 News Wire

41:38 Linux FDE backed by TPM

  • Ubuntu has been using Passphrase+LUKS
  • Ubuntu introducing optional TPM encryption
  • Linux Today
  • Ubuntu

46:03 Google Anti-Competition

  • Google is paying to make Google the default
  • No one is 'forced to make Google default'
  • Best outcome, force the user to choose
  • Google 'enhanced ad privacy'
  • AP News

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