Episode 347

Ask Noah Show 347 - SUSE Hard Forks RHEL


July 25th, 2023

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Vojtěch Pavlík the General Manager for Business-Critical Linux joins The Ask Noah Show to discuss SUSE's plans to create a hard fork of RHEL and fill the gap created by Red Hat's recent changes.

-- During The Show --

01:45 News Wire

03:05 SUSE Interview

  • Vojtěch Pavlík - General Manager for Business-Critical Linux
  • Red Hat's changes
  • What has SUSE decided to do?
  • SUSE's competitive edge
    • OpenSUSE LEAP
    • Live Patching
    • Confidential Compute
  • SUSE's $10M spend on RHEL
  • SUSE Liberty
  • EU location advantages?
  • Why fork RHEL vs putting $10M into SLE?
  • ISV certifications
  • Is SUSE's RHEL fork competition for SLE?
  • Open Build Service's role

29:32 Setting Up Remote Backup - Tom

  • Tailscale
  • Tinc
  • OpenVPN
  • Fail2ban
  • Backup Strategy?
  • Bandwidth
  • Rsync
  • ZFS Send

34:08 Linux Accessibility - Scout

  • Applications need to add support
  • niche of a niche
  • Vinux Project (Discontinued)
  • Sonar (Discontinued) DistroWatch
  • KDE window rules

39:25 NFS - Jose

  • SystemD auto mount
  • Steve's FSTAB options
nfs  noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10,timeo=05,nofail 0 0

43:02 Web Site Builders - Walking Penguin

  • Stay on top of wordpress updates
  • Hugo

47:10 Podcast Hosting - Walking Penguin

51:00 Logos vs Crosswire - Walking Penguin

  • Logos
    • has everything
    • expensive
    • cloudbased
  • Crosswire/Xiphos
    • side by side comparisons
    • bookmarks
    • What Noah uses

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