Episode 346

Ask Noah Show 346


July 20th, 2023

53 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

This week Alma has big news, Slackware hits 30 years, we give you an update on Beeper, and Noah found his new favorite Matrix client!

-- During The Show --

01:00 Audio Success Story - Ricky

  • Yamaha TF1 Mixer
  • No news is good news
  • Worked great!

04:30 Adam follows up (remote desktop) - Adam

  • Any desk no longer available via flatpak

06:25 Remote options with no monitor? - Ian

10:20 News Wire

12:45 Beeper

  • Latest updates fix disconnects
  • White Glove setup and support
  • Wider network

17:11 Element X

  • Sliding sync
  • Sudo IDs

19:00 Gomuks

  • No notifications
  • Regular or Bold
  • Ctrl+k
  • tab complete
  • teaches you matrix commands

23:03 Alma Drops Bug for Bug focus

  • ABI compatibility
  • Could allow Alma to add value
  • Who is the target for RHEL clones
  • Rocky, Suse, Oracle, Alma
  • Enterprise vs Community
  • Path of least resistance
  • RHEL target market
  • The Register

39:55 Red Hat Insights

  • Brett Midwood
  • Knowlege base applied to collected metrics
  • IBM Xforce threat intelligence
  • Edge computing
  • SeLinux & Insights
  • Insights and being proactive
  • Open Source and Insights
  • Insights providing fixes
  • Security Advocacy
  • Insights Value Proposition

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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