Episode 344

Ask Noah Show 344 | Professional Video Production


July 4th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Micah Pendleton - Owner & Producer of Caution Glass joins The Ask Noah Show to discuss professional video production on Linux!

-- During The Show --

00:45 Happy 4th of July

01:20 Old Desktops - Mike

  • Where to donate old desktops?
  • Check around in your community
  • Free Geek
  • Reach back out to us

05:32 RLT-SDR (Ham radio) - Agustin

10:40 Remote Desktop - Adam

15:15 News Wire

17:50 Beeper

  • Long term solution
  • Handles encryption well
  • Connects to everything
  • Free plan available
  • Network effect
  • Self Host Beeper

27:00 Mumble Caller Tony

  • Whats the deal with systemd?

30:00 Video Production on Linux

  • Micah Pendleton - Owner & Operator of Caution Glass
  • Where Micah started
  • Creative department
  • Blender
  • Commercials
  • Best Commercial in the State of Alabama
  • Switching the studio to Linux
  • The performance of open source won people over
  • Large studios run on Linux
  • The "format wars"
  • What hardware do you use?
  • Hardware switchers
    • ATEM Mini HDMI
    • Open Source enables hardware
  • Caution Glass Software
  • Flatpak
  • What do you tell people who say "you have to use x software"?
  • Non-Linear Editors
  • Codecs & Raw files
  • What opportunities are there for growth on Linux?
    • Plug-ins

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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