Episode 334

Ask Noah Show 334


April 25th, 2023

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

This week the EARN-IT Act is Back! For the third time Senators are trying to push through the EARN-IT Act. Steve and Noah take you through this, as well as your questions!

-- During The Show --

01:15 Steve's Home Automation

  • Sonoff Zigbee 3
  • Integration issues
  • Problem Solved!
  • Zwave fairness
  • Hindsight recommendations

07:50 Listener Responds about journal - Bhikhu

10:11 Cookbook Application? - Jim

14:58 Which AP? - James

  • Stick with U6 Pro
  • U6 Lite ok
  • U6 Long Range total rip off

16:50 News Wire

19:30 Flathub Redesign

24:11 AtlasOS

  • AtlasOS
  • Forced Restarts
  • Collection of BAT scripts
  • TRON
  • Disables lots of security features

25:43 NextCloud Memories

28:50 Earn It Act

  • Threat to privacy is back
  • EFF
  • Section 230 recap
  • Law Enforcement can't keep up
  • What about tomorrow
  • Unelected government commission
    • Stacked with law enforcement
    • Make "Best Practices"
  • Apple Scanning
  • Designed to be Vague, Broad, Sweeping
  • Technology should empower the user
  • Scanning circumvents encryption
  • Apple incident
  • Client Side Encryption
  • Earn it act effectively bans end to end encryption
  • 75% of flagged content not malicious

47:20 Linux Laptop

  • Aon S1
  • ZDNet
  • System76 refreshed their line up
  • Desktop vs Laptop vs Steam Deck

52:20 PineTap

  • Noah Ordered the PineTab2
  • Drum Charts

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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