Episode 330

Ask Noah Show 330 - (Immutable Operating Systems)


March 28th, 2023

53 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

This week we dig into immutable operating systems An OS where core parts of the system are locked down to prevent unwanted changes and corruption from third-party applications or a faulty update.

-- During The Show --

01:30 Caller

  • Opening up a Minecraft server to the internet?
  • TailScale
  • Minecraft Servers are targets
  • Fail2Ban SSHGuard
  • TincVPN
  • Bridge Mode
  • PFSense Network Setup
  • OwnTracks

11:44 Firewall a smart TV? - Bhikhu

  • Not really
  • DDWRT, OpenWRT

14:30 Audacity? - Cory

19:40 News Wire

22:20 Noah's Device Plan

  • JMP.Chat
  • Self Imposed Limits
    • Data Only
    • Has to work laptop and mobile
  • Work Device - Pixel 6 with GrapheneOS
  • Personal Device - OnePlus 6 with Postmarket OS
  • Companion Device - SailfishOS > GPD Pocket > Lenovo Duet
  • Simple Mobile Tools

29:38 Immutable OSes

  • What are they?
    • Write only
    • Atomic Updates
  • OS Tree
  • Sandboxing Root
  • Advantages
  • Storing information outside immutability

43:15 Vanilla OS Interview

  • Vanilla OS
  • Simple
  • Based Debian Sid
  • A/B Root
  • Flatpak
  • APX & DistroBox

50:58 Caller

  • Supermicro servers?
  • Steve and Noah like supermicro
  • AMD Epic Support?

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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