Episode 327

Ask Noah Show 327


March 7th, 2023

53 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Canonical has issued an official edict: the approved Ubuntu remixes must remove Flatpak support as of the next release. Ring video doorbell informed a customer they were required to release footage to a police department with a signed warrant. All the footage from that customers account was sent to the police.

-- During The Show --

01:37 Audio to text transcription - Dennis

04:29 Responding to Ep 305 Banking Issue - Nate

  • May be ASN reputation
  • May be IP block reputation
  • Noah's work a round

12:00 Variety of Questions - John

  • Rust Desk
  • Any Desk
  • Poor Man's VPN
  • Simple Help
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Low voltage can't kill you
  • Stud finders tell you about AC power
  • Start with a coat hanger
  • Use samba
  • Log into the web interface
  • Do Not use email

Huragok Asked - Display Camera Feeds

27:16 News Wire

30:45 Canonical Drops Flatpak

  • Linux Mint
  • The Register
  • Whole point of spins is to solve different problems
  • Limits the support requirements
  • Linux packaging story
  • The rest of the Linux ecosystem is going another way

40:30 Ring in the News

  • Politico
  • The Story
    • Police ask for limited footage
    • User complies
    • Police ask for more
    • User says no
    • Police get a warrant for ALL his cameras
  • Don't store information you don't want leaked
  • Should you be prevented from using technology because someone wants to abuse it?
  • Technology can be a threat

47:00 Flatpack New Web Experience

47:50 Audacious

48:20 Announcements

  • ScALE Mar 9-12
  • Southeast LinuxFest June 9-11
  • Linux Fest Northwest Oct 20-22
    • Thank You Chris and JB!
  • Michael Dominic
    • Interview on the 21st
    • Send Questions

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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