Episode 281

Medical Data Privacy


April 12th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Fitbit announced their FDA approval to detect atrial fibrillation in their wearable. What privacy and security concerns does this pose and what can you do about it? We tackle your questions, plus the news! It's a packed week!

-- During The Show --

03:40 Response to weaponization of OSS - Jose

  • Steve and Noah's response

14:20 Bhikhu feed back

16:00 PFSense not getting DHCP - Jaren

23:10 Transcribe Audio from Video? - HJ

25:18 Backup drive question - Ishaan

31:30 Feedback on Noah's Charging Station - Dave

  • GFCI style duplex outlets with Arc Fault Protection
  • Smoke Detector to cut AC power (Kiddie sm120x module)
  • GFCI USB C 45+ Watt PD Outlet?

36:30 Tiny Asked

I loved the discussion about freeipa and sso for a homelab and I'm curious if either of you have had experience with setting up an oauth provider like keycloak or goauthentik.io setting up ldap with nextcloud and gitlab is easy enough but I would like to use some of the mfa options available with oauth and would like to know what your experience is

  • Keycloak used frequently at Red Hat
  • Authentication vs Authorization

38:55 Pick of the Week - Unlock Distro With Your Face

40:33 Gadget of the Week

42:25 NewsWire

45:39 Medical Tech & Privacy

  • ArsTechnica Article
  • Fitbit (Google) gets FDA approval for atrial fibrillation detection feature
  • Regulation
  • Outdated medical equipment

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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