Episode 261

Moving to a Datacenter


November 30th, 2021

1 hr 12 mins 52 secs

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In this episode Noah and Steve discuss migrating moving into a datacenter. Amazon Linux 3 is based off of Fedora, a new GPD Pocket 3 is out and is an IT sysadmin's dream, a privacy respecting voice assistant, join us for a packed show!

-- During The Show --

01:41 Fedora Feedback & Tumbleweed Challenge - Bhikhu

  • [Get Fedora](getfedora.org)
  • Get OpenSuse Tumbleweed
  • Fedora is not unstable
  • What should we look for in OpenSuse Tumbleweed? - Write In!
  • Underlying distribution seems matter less now days
  • What is the primary use of OpenSuse Tumbleweed? - Write In!
  • Linux Delta

09:20 RE: Key Mapping - Matt

10:54 User Provides Script to Check HTTPS - Cory

Click To Expand ``` #!/usr/bin/env python3 #based on https://stackoverflow.com/a/52575489 from urllib.request import Request, urlopen, ssl, socket from urllib.error import URLError, HTTPError import json from dateutil import parser for site in { 'asknoahshow.com', 'www.asknoahshow.com', 'podcast.asknoahshow.com', 'altispeed.com', 'www.altispeed.com', }: context = ssl.create_default_context() try: with socket.create_connection((site, '443')) as sock: with context.wrap_socket(sock, server_hostname=site) as ssock: expiration = parser.parse(ssock.getpeercert()['notAfter']) print(f"{str(expiration.date())} {site} ({ssock.version()})") #data = json.dumps(ssock.getpeercert()) except Exception as e: # socket.gaierror, ConnectionRefusedError, ConnectionResetError, ssl.SSLCertVerificationError, etc. print(f"---------- {site} {str(e)}") ```
  • Banking this for work!
  • [Register for Less](R4l.com)
  • Free Hosting doesn't include HTTPS
  • Changes coming at the end of the year

14:32 Episode 257 Feedback - Kevin

16:05 Open Source ITSM Software - Mauro

17:22 Caller Katana

24:00 Bot Feedback - Sunjam

25:30 Bot Feedback - DJ

  • Thanks Noah and Steve
  • OpenVPN worked!

26:15 Pick of the Week

28:00 Gadget of the Week

  • GPD Pocket 1 is awesome
  • This device has changed my life
  • GPD Pocket 3
  • Designed for IT work
  • Modular IO Ports
  • Comes with a stylus

38:26 Amazon Linux 3

  • Based on Fedora Community Linux
  • IT World Canada Article
  • SeLinux on by default
  • Companies moving from "Tried & True" to "Rolling & Community"

42:00 Genie

  • Open Source Virtual Assistant
  • Voicebot AI
  • OVAL
  • Stanford University's Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL) rebranded its Almond assistant as Genie
  • Mycroft
  • Competition is good
  • Rhasspy

46:55 NVidia DLSS on Linux


  • Available in Proton 6.3-8
  • Still Need to set
    • dxgi.nvapiHack = False
  • Available on Nvidea Only (not on the Steam Deck)

48:30 Libreddit: Private front-end for Reddit

  • Libreddit
  • Alternative private front-end for Reddit

49:30 Steve's Day Job Preview/Future Altispeed

  • Steve is a Red Hat Architect
  • Containerize Altispeed Technologies
  • HA/Redundancy/Fail Over
  • SLAs
  • Where Altispeed is at now
  • Where Altispeed wants to go
  • Altispeed Sandbox
  • Skating to where the puck is going
  • Move platforms then "modernize"

Call to Action

  • Send us your questions
  • Special episode Sept 21
  • Special Event - Altispeed Technologies Roundtable
    • Thurs Dec 9, 6 pm central
  • OSV 23

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