Episode 258

Alma Linux with Jack Aboutboul


November 9th, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Jack Aboutboul joins us this hour to talk about Alma Linux, a Red Hat Linux clone that is now doing what the former CentOS did prior to it becoming CentOS Stream.

-- During The Show --

00:54 Caller Mommy

01:15 Write in about Ticking/Asset Managment

01:50 Convert Docker file to Podman file? - Charlie

  • Docker Files are OCI Compliant

03:08 Caller James

  • Feedback: Use thermal wire strippers for small gauge wires
  • Q: Monitor for older people in the country
  • A: Apple Watch "Series 3 or later with Cellular"

06:40 Podcast Aggregator - Mike

09:25 Purchasing CDs from Amazon - Hank

  • CD's bought as gifts on Amazon don't allow MP3 downloads
10:44 Open Source Engineering? - Ateriath
  • Interview in the works

13:24 Interview

  • Jack Aboutboul Community Manager for Alma Linux
  • Cloud Linux
  • Reaction to CentOS changes
  • How did Alma Linux come into existence?
  • Alma Linux OS Foundation
  • How does Alma Linux serve the community differently?
  • Who is the target audience for Alma Linux
  • Alma Linux Build System
  • What has been the response to Alma Linux?
  • Tell me about Open Office Hours?
  • How do you get involved in Open Office Hours
  • What is next for Alma Linux

53:20 Gadget of the Week

54:30 Open Source Voices

  • Interview with Gregory Kurtzur of Rocky Linux on OSV Ep 21

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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