Episode 251

If it's not FOSS - Don't Host It


September 21st, 2021

56 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Even when you can self host it, relying on proprietary software can be challenging. This week Noah & Steve step through the latest self hosting options! Canonical extended their support for Ubuntu for 10 years, plus our picks!

-- During The Show --

01:00 Caller James

  • Windows won't run well on a RaspberryPi
  • Look at a Skull Canyon NUC
  • RaspberryPi 4GB model should handle 1080P or lower

06:05 User Responds Wiping Flash Media - Dalton

  • Boomstick
    • Self Contained
    • Automatic/semi-automatic
    • USB stick based
    • SSD and HDD Eraser
  • Boomstick Gitlab
  • Noah does not trust SSD firmware

09:12 Windows 10 Bloat Removal Script - Charlie

10:30 User Reflects on EP 250 - Bhikhu

12:44 Synology & Docker Applications - Chas

  • NAS products have a lesser CPU
  • Might have issues with wireguard and containers
  • Synology can take features away anytime

18:00 LAN based chat server - Anthony

  • Matrix - Protocol
  • Synapse - Server
  • Element - Client/App
  • Setup a unfederated unregistered Synapse
  • Use your own internal domain
  • SSL/domain is only required for federation

24:50 Pick of the Week

25:55 Gadget of the Week

35:05 Ubuntu Life Cycle Extended to 10 Years

  • Ubuntu Blog
  • Only for paying customers
  • Ubuntu sources are not public unlike Red Hat
  • Red Hat puts a lot of effort into open sourcing everything - "It's part of the company DNA"

48:00 Self Hosting

  • Locally controlled and/or Open Source
  • Gold bar is Internet goes away and you don't notice
  • Living on an island
  • Libvirt/Proxmox
  • PFSense/OPNSense
  • Plex/JellyFin/Kodi
  • Seafile
  • NextCloud
  • TrueNAS/Open Media Vault
  • MediaWiki/XWiki
  • Funkwhale
  • Volumio
  • PiHole

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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