Episode 239

Digital Handcuffs


June 29th, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Mix has a new release, The Linux Foundation is working on an open voice network, the Baltimore PD surveillance plane has been shut down by a judge, and we share what we know about Windows 11,

-- During The Show --

00:45 Cost of RTL 308? - Philip
02:40 Networking Help - Jordan
  • New DHCP lease also triggers a fresh ARP entry
05:00 Help Leaving Gmail - Lucas
  • Use a IMAP + Email Client (like Thunderbird) to sync your mail, then use the email client to export a mbox file
07:55 Reflections on Ep 226 - Bhikhu
09:20 Pick of the Week
  • Allows you to turn any website/webapp into desktop app
  • Web Catalog
12:00 Gadget of the Week
16:00 Mixxx
  • MIXX 2.3.0 released
  • True DJ software
  • New multithreaded analysis
  • More accurate key detection
  • New default "LateNight" skin
  • Improvements for Rekordbox and Serato users
  • Opus and HE-AAC codecs added for recording/streaming
  • New out-of-the-box support for hardware controllers
  • Improvements for existing hardware controller support
  • MIXX Release Notes
24:00 Blender
  • Blender partners with Canonical to provide support
  • Canonical agrees to build and maintain their own Blender Services Organization
  • Some of the revenue goes back to Blender
  • Blender Article
29:00 LF Open Voice Network
  • Dedicated to advancing open standards in AI-enabled voice assistance systems
  • Initially Focused on:
    • Standards Development
    • Industry Value and Awareness
    • Advocacy (Regulatory, Data Privacy)
  • Linux Foundation Press Release
34:45 Air Tracking
  • Arial Surveillance deemed 4th Amendment violation
  • Key point - they did not require a warrant to search the data
  • Reason Article
38:40 Would you pay for Privacy Search Engine?
41:25 Windows 11 - What We Know
  • Free Upgrade for Windows 7 Pro and 10 users
  • Only supported on 8th Gen Intel and newer
  • Android app support added
  • Android apps will be distributed through Microsoft and Amazon stores
  • Home Addition requires internet and MS online account
  • Mandatory TPM 2.0 chip
  • TPMs have unique keys burned in, which allows for increased DRM
  • TPMs protect the computer, not you the owner
  • Microsoft will force online accounts for all versions eventually
  • Commonsware Article
  • Verge Article
  • Secret Club Article

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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