Episode 226

Networking Basics with Steve Ovens


April 6th, 2021

59 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Everyone uses a network to access the internet, but how well do you understand the network you use? In this episode Steve Ovens joins us to give a basic network overview as well as answer questions you sent in!

-- During The Show --

02:00 Setting up Network Segment

10:50 FireJail

14:00 Gadget of the week

Orico Tool-Free USB 3.0 Enclosure

18:00 Networking Segment

  • Caller Scooter

    • Q: Sync Photos between Apple and Android Devices?
    • A: Nextcloud Agent
    • A: Piwigo
    • Q: Where can I find the Multipass app
    • A: I will look into this
    • A: Last resort chrome app
  • Caller Tony

    • Q: Rsync/backup advice
    • A: Rsync
    • A: ZFS send/receive
    • A: Bacula
    • A: SpiderOak
    • Q: Monitoring backups
    • A: Librenms
    • A: Site visits/manual
  • What is an IP address

  • What is a Default Gateway

    • Usually your router
  • What is Bridge Mode

    • All traffic gets passed through
  • What is a MAC Address

    • Unique hardware address
    • Never changes
    • Added to all packets
  • What is a Subnet Mask

    • How many computer are in a IP Range
    • Class C Networks have 254 usable addresses
  • How to separate large networks

    • Use Subnets (no security)
    • Use VLans
  • Trouble Shooting

    • Ping default gateway
    • Check DNS
  • DNS

    • Phone Book for the internet
    • Translates Domain Names to IP addresses
    • Slower but Private DNS - Quad9, OpenDNS
    • Faster but not Private - Google
  • Static vs Dynamic IP addresses

    • Dynamic is DHCP
    • Reserve static address in DHCP server
  • Wireguard YouTube Tutorial

Call to Action

  • We will have community rooms/booths

  • Matrix Chat (Element) will be used again this year

  • SELF will be virtual this year, hosted again by yours truly!

  • SELF Call for Talks

  • SELF dates June 10-12

  • Email volunteers@minddripmedia.com with your skill set and contact details

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