Episode 216

Red Hat's New Deal


January 19th, 2021

58 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

RedHat is expanding the developer program making it easier than ever to access RHEL! Now individuals can run 16 RHEL servers under this new program. Brian Exelbierd joins us this hour to discuss this new program and how it addresses many of the concerns raised in the transition from CentOS to CentOS Stream.

-- During The Show --

Email 1 - Signal vs Telegram - Eddie
  • Telegram vs Signal for messaging?

  • Telegram client is open source and supports Linux

  • Telegram server is closed source

  • Signal is more secure but requires a phone number

  • Phone numbers can reveal your real identity

  • Moxie Marlinspike (Matthew Rosenfeld) - really particular about 3rd party clients, makes it not very inviting

  • link

  • Not so great when your playing with alternative operating systems (SailfishOS PostmarketOS), Signal has to make a client, rather than just supporting an API

  • Use Element/Matrix

  • Setup your own server

  • Sign up for paid hosting EMS

  • Sign up for free on a community server like Linux Delta

Minutes In 07:50

Run Matrix on CoreOS


With Fedora CoreOS, you get all the benefits of Fedora (podman, cgroups v2, SELinux) packaged in a minimal automatically updating system thanks to rpm-ostree.

Running a Matrix service requires the following software:

Synapse: a Matrix server
PostgreSQL: a database
Nginx: a web server
Let’s Encrypt: a certificate provider
Element: a Matrix web client

Minutes In 09:30

Email 2 - How to Stream a Live Event without YT - M.X.U.

Minutes In 15:50

Email 3 - User Responds to James' Question - Landon
  • Deja Dupe

  • Only backs up working files not the entire OS

  • Incremental Backups and Multiple file versions

  • Similar to Mac TimeMachine

Minutes In 18:40

Email 4 - Please Expand on Self Hosting without Net Neutrality - Will
  • Owning your own server doesn't fix getting online

  • Decentralized infrastructure make taking people offline hard

Minutes In 22:10

Email 5 - Which Episode for Parental Control? - Lucas
  • Life360

  • Life360 is partnered with Arity (analytic company) link

  • CA Do not sell

  • No longer used or recommended

  • Check out OwnTracks

  • Uses MQTT, lightweight, and you can self host

Minutes In 25:15

Pick of the Week

Minutes In 28:10

Gadget of the Week OSMC Vero 4K

Minutes In 31:35

RedHat Interview

  • Guest: Brian Excelbeard

  • Moving to CentOS Stream brings more transparency and opportunity for involvement

  • IBM was not even in the room for the discussion

  • New programs are in the work for cloud workloads beyond today's announcement

  • RedHat is reducing friction for getting official RHEL by integrating other account systems

  • Expanding the personal free options, more than just RHEL

  • Making it easier for enterprise customers to get their employees enrolled in developer accounts

  • Have a unique use case problem? email Brian directly centos-questions@redhat.com

  • Official Announcement

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