Episode 212

Software for the Holidays


December 27th, 2020

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Gnome 40 has a major redesign, a new version of Kdenlive is out adding some much desired pro features, Matrix has some exciting announcments and we discuss the Solar Winds backdoor and give you some alternatives. If this is the time of the year you want to tinker with new projects we have a few in store!

-- During The Show --


Request for feedback


Email 1 - How to back up BTRFS to the cloud


Email 2 - Smart devices


Are Vlans Good enough? (continued from email 2)


Email 3 - Bitcoin


Email 4 - Bluetooth headphones on Linux Mic Not Working
  • A2DP audio out only (high quality)
  • HSP audio out and in (low quality)

  • Check what protocols are supported by your dongle

  • Easiest way to work around this...

    sudo apt-get install blueman

  • starting from Pulseaudio v. 11.0, it's possible to automatically switch the profile whenever microphone access is requested by the application, but it's disabled by default.

    Find load-module module-bluetooth-policy line in /etc/pulse/default.pa
    Change it to load-module module-bluetooth-policy auto_switch=2

  • You need to reload pulseaudio module after this for the changes to take effect:

    pulseaudio -k
    pulseaudio -D

  • Now pulseaudio will switch the device profile to HSP whenever microphone access is requested and change it back to A2DP after stream is closed.


Pick of the Week

Just Perfection!


This extension allows you to disable:

  • OSD
  • Search
  • Dash
  • Workspace Switcher
  • Top Panel
  • App gesture


Gadget of the Week

Gaomon S620 $35



Gnome 40 Major Design Revamp


GNOME 40 is due for release in March, 2021.



same track transitions

subtitling tool

  • Effects

Another usability improvement is the ability to rename and add/edit the description of custom effects (by new contributor Vivek Yadav.)

New Pillar Echo effect for your vertical videos.

Crop by padding effect can now be keyframed.

New VR 360 and 3D effects for working with 360º and 3D stereoscopic footage.

New Video Equalizer for adjusting image brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma.

  • usability

Ability to enable/disable normalization of audio thumbnails from track header

Ability to delete multiple tracks at once (by Pushkar Kukde)

When archiving a project an option was added to archive only clips in the timeline as well as the option choose the compression method between TAR and ZIP.

On the backend front the Online Resources tool was ported to qtwebengine (by Andreas Sturmlechner) and downloading wipes, render profiles, titles and wipes defaults to using https.


Solar Winds


Managed Service Provider (MSP) management software

march 2020 hack
dec 2020 discoverd


Souk Flatpak App Store for Linux


Souk is co-developed by Felix Häcker, the hands behind a slate of well-made, well-designed GTK apps available for Linux desktops including Shortwave and Fragments, and Christoper Davis, with design input from Tobias Bernard.



DMA interoperability open apis
bridging (telgram discord slack)

Dendrite is up and running on matrix.org

Dendrite is second gen Matrix server

The server that will be used when they eventually roll a monolithic client server combo that you can just install and start talking

ILAGS - Improved landing as a guest

One of those things is threading



  • cerlean



It’s (currently) a very minimal javascript app - only 2,500 lines of code.

Proof of concept - not designed for production use.

Microblogging platform / decentralized twitter based on Matrix.


humble bundle


Extra Links not covered






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