Episode 106

Fedora with Matthew Miller


December 18th, 2018

59 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Matthew Miller is our guest and we talk about my favorite Linux distribution, Fedora! NextCloud introduces their new "Social" feature. Microsoft has dumped Edge and is throwing their weight behind Chromium, and I'll tell you how you can get a lifetime ProtonMail account and support WireGuard at the same time!

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  • ProtonMail is auctioning a Lifetime Account to support WireGuard - ProtonMail Blog — You can support WireGuard by placing a bid on one of our ProtonMail Lifetime Account auctions. A Lifetime Account is our most exclusive account, giving users access to premium features on all current and future Proton services. All of the funds we raise will be donated to WireGuard, along with an additional donation from us so that at least €10,000 is raised.
  • Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to | Ars Technica — Chrome itself has about 72 percent of the desktop-browser market share. Edge has about 4 percent. Opera, based on Chromium, has another 2 percent. The abandoned, no-longer-updated Internet Explorer has 5 percent, and Safari—only available on macOS—about 5 percent. When Microsoft's transition is complete, we're looking at a world where Chrome and Chrome-derivatives take about 80 percent of the market, with only Firefox, at 9 percent, actively maintained and available cross-platform.
  • Nextcloud introduces social features, joins the fediverse – Nextcloud — Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. This blog covers a preview of the the brand new Nextcloud Social app, introducing social networking to Nextcloud.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser Could Be Coming to Linux… — Microsoft says it plans to replace the proprietary EdgeHTML browser engine Edge currently uses with Chromium, an open source project. Chromium and the Blink rendering engine power everything, from the world’s most popular web-browser (Google Chrome) to famous desktop apps like Spotify and cross-platform software frameworks like Electron. It’s well-tested, works well, and has a lot of active development.
  • (38) How To Setup WireGuard (Easy VPN) - YouTube